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Here’s YOUR ADDED VALUE! ! Please note that this is not merely inclusive of our anawangin packages but all other packages that we’re offering. Actually, you can sum it up into You become part of our community that has purpose, values, order and meaning”.

1st, Our boatmen (qualification) have at least 5 years of touring experience. Most started fishing at age caramoan tour package - lovekocaramoan.wordpress.comtwelve. Looking for professionals? You’re in the right place!

2nd, Google trusts us and says we have the authority! No wonder our lovekoanawangin blog is currently at Page 1 in Google. You see, even google can’t ignore us! Google trusts us so much that’s why we’rehighly recommended.

3rd, We fight for value not for price. We do offer promos lowering our price but not jeopardizing our employees (espc boatmen) service to the point of choking them. If you felt bad for receiving a low wage for something you have worked for. Please don’t pass the feeling.

4th, We follow the standard rates for the boat services whether in anawangin, hundred islands or any other areas where boat services is a must. Sometimes we pay even more. Knowing that they’re paid accordingly makes your getaway more meaningful and added value to your experience. 

FYI: (Year 2013) Over 60 huge groups conducted their team buildings from different companies and institution like IBM, Teleperformance, Accenture, Globe, Maxicare, Philippines Heart Center, Real state brokers and agents, BIR Batangas etc (espc in BPO industry). And over 40 couples took their couple getaway ( to include honeymoon and pre nuptial).

5th, Clifford will personally tour your group ( if feasible ) such as the ones you can  see in our blog, advertisements and facebook fan page. Otherwise our bangkeros will take care of you guys or our respective teams (Team Patrick, Team Loui or Team Khing). Have you seen a travel and tour owner who’s personally touring guests? That’s Clifford!

6thNo Hidden Charges And No History Of Burning Boat!  No surprise fees unlike others. Our ads and quotes are very transparent. 

7th, Our vision is getting bigger. Our outreach program currently is on going (even before Haiyan/Yolanda). To learn more and be part of our cause, please click the next phrase, Help Us” or watch a video here

“Nagenjoy ka na, nakatulong ka pa!”

8th, We are the only ones who offers a free AVP (audio video presentation) in fact the 1st among travel and tours. We boldly claim it!

reserve now and experience caramoan

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So what is it then for you when you choose us for your caramoan tour package  or any packages? You simply help boost the morale of out boatmen, guide or anyone involved. Thus you’re helping the local community, our country’s tourism and LKA create decent jobs especially to our dear boatmen. These are your added value. Best achieved when experienced!

Lahat panalo para hindi laging kawawa ang mga bangkero!

Learn more about Clifford  here!



FOR INQUIRIES pls include your contact number - we'll keep it private. Due to high volume of queries, we'll respond within a day or two. For quotes and other queries, PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM as we're placing 2-3 links for your convenience! Thanks!

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